Sunday, February 04, 2007

MooM Test Revision


Ok this will be the last post on this guy for a while. After tonight it'll be no more side project... It'll only be thesis animation in the spare time... that sounds so sad. Ok you guys made some good points. I tried to address the back Cat and I'm also stil in the process of getting the legs down in the walk. Why are walks so hard? Anyway, I changed the surprised pose at the end. I originally tried to go subtle with the reaction, but I think I want to take this guy a little further on the wacky spectrum. I've been paying less and less attention lately to the importance of a strong pose. Sometimes it's easy to get carried away with the trasitions and muddy up your keys in the process. This new reaction might be a little much, but it sure was fun to animate. Ok, let me know what you think. Your opinions help. Thanks,


Saturday, February 03, 2007

MooM Test

Hey everybody. This is a really cool little rig I found on highend3d. It's called MooM by Ramtin Ahmadi. It's pretty versatile from what I can tell so far. Lately I find that when I'm tired of animating my thesis characters, it's just that. I'm tired of the characters, not animation itself. It hit me that I can start side projects and have something else to turn to when this happens. For anyone who is getting a little tired of constant thesis work, download this rig and mess around a little. It's fun because it's not going to be graded or anything and you can do whatever you want. And you never know, you just might get something for your demo reel out of it...

Here's the link to MooM:

The major flaw in the rig for me so far has been the lack of shoulder and arm inherit controls. It's taking me some getting used to, but I'm learning to work in layers because of it. After a couple of nights of post-lab animation work, I have(what I think) is a respectable second pass of the first shot in my little project. Eventually this guy will have to overcome a wall that's blocking his path( ie. the shadow in front of him). I'm not sure exactly where I'm going to take it yet. Still need to thumb it out I guess.

Anyway, give me any suggestions you can think of. I'll take all the help I can get.