Sunday, February 04, 2007

MooM Test Revision


Ok this will be the last post on this guy for a while. After tonight it'll be no more side project... It'll only be thesis animation in the spare time... that sounds so sad. Ok you guys made some good points. I tried to address the back Cat and I'm also stil in the process of getting the legs down in the walk. Why are walks so hard? Anyway, I changed the surprised pose at the end. I originally tried to go subtle with the reaction, but I think I want to take this guy a little further on the wacky spectrum. I've been paying less and less attention lately to the importance of a strong pose. Sometimes it's easy to get carried away with the trasitions and muddy up your keys in the process. This new reaction might be a little much, but it sure was fun to animate. Ok, let me know what you think. Your opinions help. Thanks,



Kelly Versaggi said...

i like this revision a lot better. it reads much clearly. i still think the walk needs more believable weight shift from side to side. And it does have enough arch to it on the ups. you going for a relax walk so i don't think you need much translate in y but maybe just a little. it looks more like a fast shuffle. I love the end reaction. the eyes pop at the end. try adding a couple more eye shifting movements that are fast and close together. its really nice though!

Cat Musgrove said...

Hey - I found this and it made me think of your style:

Also, the blog has some really awesome stuff on it:

Just thought I'd share.