Thursday, August 06, 2009


Still in need of critique on this one :) Fire whatever you have at me! Thanks everyone.


Bai Fan said...

That's the hotness! Looking good!

I think he needs more blinks at the end though. It makes my eyes water a bit.

I hope things are well with you. You around LA at all? I would be down for some footbag action.


Gwynne Simmons said...

That looks great, Jim!

I really like the way he enters the shot :) It could be cool to play with the timing of his sniffs a little, like little fast ones and then a long one or something.

Or around :08 to do a little sniff before he looks down.

The turn at :27 looks a little bit mechanical, and maybe on the first push he could have his eyes closed all the way?

I really like it, he's a fun character :) Awesome sketchbook pages, too!


Lizbeth Quispe said...

Hey Jim. It's been a long time. Hope things are going well with you. Really cool animation! I notice this post has been posted over a month ago so maybe it's too late to comment. The small thing I noticed was left hand at 0:28/0:29 when he's gripping and pushing the box. Maybe if his fingers were flat on the box on 0:28, it'll make it more noticeable the wrist impacting the box? I don't know. Just a thought. Anyway, it's nice seeing your animations again. Well, take care. :)


CWolfe said...

His ear movements are just adorable.

Rui Sousa said...

Fantastic work you have here! Really amazing!

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Rui Sousa